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The team of readers at Tarot Works are eager to help you find answers to all of your burning questions! Book a reading now to see what messages are waiting for you.

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Our team of readers is made up of best-selling authors, beloved witches, and tarot experts who will help you discover your true path.

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Tarot Works Provides Readings and Spiritual Services for Clients Around the World

If you’re looking for direction from the cards or advice to make life more magical we’ve got a witch for you. Our team of trusted advisors has spent decades helping thousands of clients with problems big and small. 

When you book a reading through Tarot Works you can always count on kind, empathic, and accurate spiritual guidance. We’ve assembled a team of trusted, compassionate, non-judgmental readers. We call ourselves Tarot Works because it does! Using tarot and other modalities we can guide you to your highest outcomes, give loving advice, and help you to change your life in powerfully positive ways.

Spend some time with one of our readers, or have us cast a 100% customized spell service in your honor.

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Magical Solutions That Actually Work

Are you ready to level up in life? Magic can be the missing ingredient that launches you into your next great phase. Take a look at the magical services and readings offered here at Tarot Works. We’ve built a team made up of magical experts each with strengths in various areas, meaning you’ll always find the expert you need no matter your situation! 

Get insights from our cards, they can answer any questions big or small! Our readers can do a tarot or oracle reading by phone, video chat, or email.

Want to learn how to make some magic yourself? We can help! Book a session and use it as your individual magical academy.

Want to know what messages your spirit council has for you? We can deliver the message! Book a Spirit Guide Session to find out what they have to say.

Want to know who you were in a past life? Exploring our past lives can reveal unknown traumas holding us back in our current life.

Are you struggling to make your dreams come true? We can teach you how to manifest like a master!  Book some one-on-one coaching to learn how to make your dreams come true.

Are you trying to understand the deeper meanings of your dreams? We can help reveal the secrets your dreams are trying to tell you! Plus learn how to turn your dreams into a magical landscape for magic.

Are you seeing repeating numbers and wondering what they mean? Or wondering how you can harness the power of numbers to make dreams come true?

Looking for insights from the stars? We’ve got you covered with in-depth birth charts, astrological spellwork consultations, and zodiac compatibility reports. 

What People Are Saying

Don’t take our word for it, look at what people are saying about the team of readers at Tarot Works.

“Tarot cards can take you on a magical journey, and there is no one better to lead the way than Madame Pamita.”

“The Tarot Lady”
Madame Pamita's brilliance knows no bounds, and her offerings are nothing short of extraordinary.
Madame Pamita is the real deal and I've experienced the efficient results of her candle magic first-hand several times. Pamita is one of the most knowledgeable candle magic practitioners out there.
Mat Author of Psychic Witch
Author of Psychic Witch
The Love Witch is a gifted and experienced intuitive who has been able to guide me through some of my darkest times like no one else.

Learn How Magic Can Transform Your Life

We’ve been casting spells for years, both for ourselves and for clients all over the world. We’d love to make you our next magical success story. Book time with us for one-on-one magical instruction and spell suggestions, or book a spellwork session and let us do the magical heavy lifting for you.

Order a Custom Spell Service from Tarot Works and you’ll get two complimentary 15 minute sessions: One to assess your situation and determine the best magical approach, and another to share how your candles burned down.

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