15 Minute Tarot Reading with Madame Pamita


Madame Pamita shares her decades of experience as a light-filled, intuitive magic maker and teacher with one-on-one sessions. Choose the services that best address your needs or simply book a session and, at the time of your appointment, we can discuss what services will be the most beneficial.

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Sessions with Madame Pamita

Are you ready for grounded, practical, insightful and compassionate spiritual advice? Madame Pamita is like the fun, witchy aunt you’ve always dreamed of who will sit down with you and give you down-to-earth spiritual wisdom and provide healing session imbued with light and love.

More than just a tarot reader, Madame Pamita can provide tradtional healing services and will give you magical tips and spiritual tricks to help make your life the very best that it can be!  Why settle for a so-so experience when you can have an exceptional and comprehensive session with author, teacher and a true spiritual leader.

Remote Sessions with Madame Pamita

Madame Pamita continues to offer convenient virtual sessions. Tarot, Spirit Guide, Past Life and Magical Instruction can be done via Zoom, FaceTime, Google Meet or Phone.

Are you ready to truly make your life the magical adventure it was meant to be? Madame Pamita offers 15, 30, 45, 60 or 90 minute sessions.

When you book your session, you can choose what type of reading or healing you’d like to have. If you’re not sure which one is the best for your situation, simply check “other. “

Tarot Reading

A tarot reading is an excellent choice when you’d like a road map to the solutions for your problems, you’d like to get more clarity on a situation, or you’d like to see what lies ahead.

Past Life Session

Do you want to get to the root of your dilemma? A Past Life Reading can find the source of talents or connections to others. It is also perfect for those who are curious about who they were in another lifetime. Past Life Readings can also be helpful in healing a phobia or trauma not related to incidents in this lifetime.

Spirit Guide Session

If you would like to receive purely psychic messages from your spirit guide council without the use of cards, a Spirit Guide Session will bring you comfort, direction and high vibration guidance.

Magical Instruction

If you need guidance on what ingredients or steps are needed for a spell or would like to learn a magical skill, you can book a Magical Instruction session to get one-on-one guidance from Madame Pamita totally customized to your needs.